Sunday, September 21, 2008

Escaped July 24th to the Wyoming Wind Rivers

John took his annual fishing trip in July for a week and took Hunter for the first time. They prepared the week before getting all the necessary things together; packing their back packs as lite as possible. After adjusting and re-adjusting for a couple of days, John's pack weighed 75lbs. and Hunter's 30lbs. It was hilarious watching Hunter trying out the pack, he was having a hard time just walking up the street, how was he going to make a steep 7 mile hike with that back pack on!! Despite that fact, they headed out at 3 am the morning of the 24th. Alot of prayers were said and tears shed but, Hunter did it and LOVED IT! (you'll notice Hunter's pack magically gets lighter as the hike gets harder, John is a wonderful Dad!)

Grandma Campbell comes for a visit and we go to the Dinosaur Museum

We went to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point with my Mom. We really had a fun time together. The kids really enjoyed the sand room, the galaxy glow in the dark room, and the giant scale. We love that we can share such fun activities and memories together. Thanks Grandma Campbell, we love you.

Jaybens 6th Birthday April 30th 2008

I can't believe my baby is 6 years old!!! I also can't believe that he will be a 1st grader. It seems like yesterday he was born in the early morning hours on April 30th. John and I couldn't believe all that blonde hair he had. I remember being able to just sit with him in the delivery room for an hour after delivery and Jayben was wide awake looking at John and I for almost an hour. We knew Jayben was a very special boy. He was an amazing baby and now six years later he still is amazing. We love you Jayben!

Monday, September 15, 2008


A few months before Olivia's baptism we started having more indepth conversations about baptism and her desire to be baptized was very clear. She wanted her Grandpa Campbell to talk on Baptism and our good friend Liz Garcia to talk on the Holy Ghost. After the baptism, we had everyone write notes to Olivia expressing their thoughts and feelings to her on her special day; in the hope that she could always cherish her baptism. Here are some of what was expressed to Olivia............
"Livi, I am so proud of you and for your choice to be baptized. It has been so nice watching you grow up. Remember you have one more white dress to wear and be sure to keep your promises you made today to be able to wear your next white dress in the Temple."
"Dear Olivia, Thank you for being such a good example to Rachel and Lucy. We are so lucky to have you as a neighbor. We are so proud of you and your decision to be baptized. You have just made a big step in life."
"We love you. It has been so fun to watch you grow up. I am so glad that we can share this day with you. You are a sweet girl!"
"Congrats On your baptism! Today is one of the most important days of your life. Today you have stepped foot on the path back to our Father in Heaven! Livy, I love you. I hope you know how important you are to our Heavenly Father's Plan."
Olivia, we love you so much. My life is so blessed because your in it, you are such a good example to your brothers and sisters. Your desire to follow Jesus, and his teachings will be the most important thing you will ever do. I'm so glad all of our friends and family could be apart of this special day.

Trying to Create a Journal for our Family!

Hi Family and Friends! You'll have to be patient with the next few posts because I'm going to back tract alittle for selfish reasons. I want to use this blog to create a book for our family every year and I don't want to miss anything of importance to us. This means I may put photos of the children in years pass and so forth. I hope this doesn't take too long.